Health Precaution Update

 All Activities Cancelled Due to COVID 19

FRC Family,

We are excited to join together each Sunday morning via Facebook Live , to worship together with our worship team and Pastor Ryan at   10 a.m. This entire service will also be available on our website.

Since the governor has ordered that all schools are to close and has banned all gatherings over 50, we will comply and will not hold worship services or other church related activities on our FRC campus until further notice.

We especially encourage the seniors in our congregation to use caution with your contact with others in this time. We will continue to provide updates, including any changes to our services or programs through email and on our website, Facebook and Instagram pages. Thank you for your understanding and patience as we work together to keep our congregation, our neighbors and visitors safe during this time.

If you need extra help with anything – including getting essentials from the store, please contact Lise at, so we can assist in whatever way necessary.

Please be praying with us in this uncertainty. We want to be prepared and wise, not fearful and paranoid. God is in control and in Him we trust!